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Leadership Workshops

Learning, expanding, growing whilst having a good time !

You want to offer your team few hours of tailored, interactive and purposeful workshops.Your team will have a chance to learn advanced leadership skills, connect on a different level and expand.

You are not ready to fully engage for a coaching commitment yet, but you still want to benefit form coaching, here is your best compromise.

Team Building

You start with a new team or you start a new project and want to establish strong connections with clear objectives, all while having fun !

Creative Leadership

You want to empower your team/employees and create a sense of collective, resourceful and creative leadership. By establishing strong rapport, you want to foster an environment where trust is earned

Developing Coaching skills as a Leader

You want to bring communication to the next level amongst your team/employees and learn coaching skills 


Women Leaders

For groups of women journeying toward themselves as they grow as strong impactful Leaders

Understanding my child

As part of the well-being approach you have towards your employees, you want to offer them a space for personal growth

Leadership for Tweens/Teens

Offer a group of growing children some tools to apprehend emotional agility, understand the power of taking responsibility so they make conscious and purposeful choices for themself 

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