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Be the leader you wish you had.

Simon Sinek


When I started my career as a daycare director, I was thrilled and eager to model the leadership inspirations I've witnessed.

And as much as I was honored by my new role, I also felt the weight of all my responsibilities.


I was terrified to be THE bad boss nobody wants to work with.

With curiosity, a lot of failures, reassessments and the collaboration of my team, I had big successes.


It wasn't all perfect. But with time, both my accomplishments and my struggles shaped the leader I became.


My past experiences shaped me as a leader.

you've experiences too. What would you do differently? what would you replicate ?


I had to find a balance between my missions, leading a team and my mental health.

All I wanted was for people working with me to be happy to come to work everyday and enthusiastic about achieving great things together.

What was going to make a difference ?

Different than other coach

dire ici le rapport entre ta personnalité et l"aspect "creative" de ton leadership.

What was going to make a difference ?


I am not just a leader at work, I'm in my everyday life too.

With the challenges I had on my path, I was at choice to create from them or the by defined by them.

When I followed my husband and moved to NYC, it wasn't an easy place to redefine myself.

Later when we started our fertility journey.

Image by Marissa Grootes

What is a leader ?
And what do I mean by leadership ?

There are 5 dimensions of leadership






Explain here what it is about.

Explain here what it is about.

Explain here what it is about.

Explain here what it is about.

Explain here what it is about.

Are you ready to step into
great leadership  ?

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