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Meet Izzy

Certified Leadership Development and Executive Coach

Hey, I'm Izzy

A French Leadership Development and Executive Coach currently based in NYC, USA, but my reach extends far beyond. Beyond my role as a coach, I am an Early Childhood Educator, a meditation facilitator, a yoga instructor and an improv artist.

Before my New York adventure began a decade ago, I served as a Daycare Director in France. Upon relocating to the bustling streets of the Big Apple with my husband, I chose to embark on a coaching journey. This decision aimed to refine my listening skills and elevate my leadership expertise.

Today, my focus centers on working with employees in startups, solo entrepreneurs, school directors, and their teams. I thrive on curiosity, constantly seeking to broaden my field of practice and explore new work environments. Now, my clientele includes major players in diverse industries such as pharmaceutical companies, banks, universities, and healthcare companies.

In addition to my coaching endeavors, I am actively involved as part of the faculty in a Doula Training Center. Here, I play the role of a Leadership Coach, guiding students through their professional and personal transformations as they transition into the roles of Doulas and entrepreneurs.

Casual Meeting

My Mission : A Tailored Journey

In my coaching for leadership development and executives, it's all about you—your beliefs, behaviors, and values. No distractions, just purposeful exploration sparking transformations across every professional facet from the get-go. I specialize in unraveling your core, a crucial step akin to assembling a puzzle with all its pieces.

As your dedicated coach, my mission aligns with building a work culture that champions creativity, fosters emotional agility, and recognizes every team member as a leader. Imagine not only taking pride in your enhanced leadership skills but also inspiring others.

Our collaboration isn't just about assistance; it's about illuminating aspects you might have missed and unlocking empowerment—a delightful bonus to our journey. Let's embark on this transformative experience tailored for you and your team. With dedication and a customized toolkit, we'll create an impact that resonates in your company and your life. Ready to redefine leadership? Let's shape your legacy together.

Embarking on Your Leadership Journey Together

Ever tried being the inspire leader you want to be while dealing with everyday challenges? 

You've probably read all the leadership books, dreamed of making impactful changes, but let's face it—turning those dreams into reality can be a bit tricky.


Guess what? You're not alone. I've been in those same shoes, wrestling with the gap between wanting to be an amazing leader and actually making it happen. That's where I come in.


As your Leadership Development and Executive Coach, my focus isn't on tossing around complex theories. Instead, I'm here to dive into the practical details alongside you. Whether we're defining your leadership style or navigating the daily challenges, we're in this coaching journey together.


Let's make your leadership journey a reality—one that not only inspires you but also makes you the leader you've always wanted to be. Ready to dive in? Let's chat!

Creativity is intelligence having fun

Albert Einstein

Creativity is a fascinating journey into an expansive space where possibilities unfold without limitsI picture it as a dynamic arena beyond conventional thinking, sparking boldness, seizing opportunities, and radiating novelty, openness, positivity, and persistence. In my role as your Leadership Development and Executive Coach, I view creativity as a potent catalyst for transformation.

Creativity as A Personal Compass for Coaching Excellence

When tapping into my creative mindset, it's not just about experimentation; it involves a deliberate process of trying, failing, learning, growing, choosing, succeeding, connecting, inventing, and creating. Creativity, for me, is the heartbeat of my coaching philosophy. It propels leaders beyond limits, fostering a culture of innovation, resilience, and unwavering leadership excellence.

Inspiration for Transformation

Creativity inspires fresh perspectives, encouraging bold decision-making and cultivating an environment where leaders can adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Unlocking Untapped Potential

For me, creativity is the key to unlocking untapped potential, empowering individuals and teams to explore uncharted territories, question assumptions, and discover innovative solutions.

Fostering Collaboration

In the realm of creativity, collaboration thrives. The most impactful solutions emerge when diverse perspectives come together, enriching the coaching journey with varied insights and approaches.

Fueling Continuous Learning

Creativity is an ever-flowing source of learning, encouraging a mindset of experimentation and embracing both success and failure as valuable learning experiences.

Elevating Leadership Presence

Leaders who embrace creativity exude a distinct and authentic leadership presence. It enhances communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, setting the stage for leaders to inspire and motivate those around them.

Creative Meeting

Reflecting on my experiences as a daycare director, where I've witnessed the remarkable creativity of children—effortlessly exploring beyond the confines of conventional thinking, engaging in experimentation, observation, failure, success, and continuous learning—I'm reminded of the invaluable lessons we can glean from their fearlessness. As we delve into the coaching journey, let's not forget the way we used to function as children and strive to reconnect with that innate fearlessness in exploring ideas and the world around us.

While the thrill of creativity may wane in adulthood, it never truly vanishes; it merely awaits rediscovery. Personally, I firmly believe that everyone possesses the innate power of creativity—it just requires a gentle reminder.

Echoing the wisdom of Nancy J. Alder, "Artists and leaders face similar challenges: to see reality as it is, without succumbing to despair, while imagining possibilities that go far beyond current reality." Let's delve into your reality and embark on an educational journey to imagine possibilities that extend far beyond what you currently perceive. Together, let's make creativity the driving force behind your transformative leadership journey—a journey that resonates personally and professionally.

Why Creativity Matters to Me

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