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Meet Izzy

Certified Leadership Development Coach

I am Izzy,

A French leadership development coach based in NYC, USA but not only. I am also an Early Childhood Educator, a Daycare Director, a Doula bloomer and an improv artist.

Prior to moving to New York, ten years ago, I was working as a Daycare Director in France. Then, when I followed my husband and moved to the big Apple, I decided to train as a coach to enhance my listening skills and bring my leadership expertise to the next level.

Today, I mostly work with employees in start-ups, auto-entrepreneurs, school directors and their teams. I am always curious to expand my field of practice and happy to know more about new work environments. 

Beside, I am also part of a faculty in a Doula training center. I intervene as a Leadership Coach accompanying students in their professional transformation as they become Doulas and entrepreneurs.

Casual Meeting

My Mission

My mission is to help executives and teams build a work culture that support creativity, foster emotional agility and value everyone as a strong leader.

I want you to be proud of your leadership skills and your team's display of leadership behaviors. I want you to inspire colleagues and other teams around so they come ask inputs from your experience and knowledge.


Let's work together to tailor the best approach for you and for your team. With dedication and suited tools to meet yourself as a leader, we will create a transformative experience that creates a long-lasting impact in your company as much as in your life.

Let's make YOU the Leader you want to be inspired by

Where to start ? 

You have read books, have thought about changing some patterns, but you want to implement something that last, that doesn't have the effect of a one "honeymoon week" resulting from your 2 hours DIY team building project. You just don't know where to begin. 

I've got you ! 

I was there once too. 

Today I dedicate my time for people and teams like you. After getting certified as a Leadership Development Coach with Co-Active Training Institute in 2017, I have accompanied emerging leaders and teams on their journey to lead with authenticity displaying behaviors that match their intentions.

Whether you want to tackle conflicts at work, define clear missions individually and as a team, grow your leadership presence, empower your team, pivot the work culture and create a long lasting impact, let's connect and see how we can team up to create the magic you need !

Creativity is intelligence having fun

Albert Einstein

Why Creativity Matters to Me

Creativity is space for everything all at once, where no limit exist.


It is a space out of the box, fostering boldness, opportunities, novelty, openness, positivity, persistence. When I am creative, I try, I test, I fail, I learn, I grow, I choose, I succeed, I connect, I invent, I create.

During my previous work, as daycare Director I witnessed the power of great limitless creativity with children. They don't bother wondering if they can think out of the box or not, they just do. They try, experiment, observe, fail, succeed and learn. 

When we become adults, the fun of creativity dissipates. It doesn't disappear however. I truly believe that everyone has the true power of creativity at hand, we just need to be reminded of it. 

"Artists & leaders face similar challenges : to see reality as it is, without succumbing to despair, while imagining possibilities that go far beyond current reality" Nancy J. Alder

Tell me what is your reality and let's imagine your possibilities to go far beyond it.

Creative Meeting

Other Facts About Me

I am a yoga instructor

I am part of a French Improv Troupe in NY

I have lived in 4 different countries

My soft spot is desserts, I can choose a restaurant based on their dessert menu

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