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FAQ About Leadership Development Coaching | ilgcoach | Isabelle Lee-Gelard
  • What is Coaching ?
    The Internal Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. Together we will partner and walk together down your path to success, overcoming challenges, discovering your strengths and discovering where your powers lie within you. Through a coaching partnership you will : Set strong goals and take bold steps to achieve them Evolve into a self-reliant person Enhance your level of career and life satisfaction Improve your contributions into your environment, to your team and/or organization Elevate and embrace your level of responsibility through your actions and commitments Engage and work with others effortlessly and effectively Improve your communication skills
  • What Coaching isn't ?
    Coaching isn't therapy, consulting nor mentorship. Therapy : A Therapist manages mental illnesses and diagnoses Seeks to discover issues in past-focused exploration Engages in indefinite period of time Coaching works with predefined time engagement and is present and future oriented Consulting : A consultant offers expertise in a specific field Gives ready solutions to problem identified Coaching encourages client to find own solutions to gain long-term problem solving capacity Mentorship : Mentor shares expertise in a specific field Provides knowledge, advices, correction Coaching prompts to reflect on own experience to draw own conclusion. Coaching educates through curiosity and exploration from the client.
  • What does a coaching session look like ?
    We start by checking in and get fully present to honor our time together. You determine your agenda for our ongoing session. With an engaged conversation, we make room what is present, obstacles, strengths, emotions and more. Through powerful questions, you explore yourself, get insights from your discoveries. Towards the end of our time together, we reflect and narrow down on the wisdom acquired. You commit to action forward and determine how you will let me know about it. We set up our next call according to your package
  • Am I the right client ? Is coaching really for me ?
    If you are willing to make a change in your life, your career, your team, you are the right client. I coach exceptional people who have a strong desire to make a difference. Not knowing where to start is only natural and engaging in such a powerful change for you or your team can be frightening. It doesn't take away your strong will to achieve your goals, on the contrary, it shows your ability to acknowledge what is and to find creative ways to enhance your potential.
  • What are the benefits of coaching to individuals and teams ?
    You or your team will be clear as to what you desire from life and work. By taking the time to explore and remove any obstacles that stood in your way, you will pursue your goals with fervor. You will have happier and more fulfilling lives overall. You will perform in your jobs more competently and effectively. For teams, coaching will foster a positive, creative, resilient culture at work. It is an invaluable investment to keep your team engaged and prevent lack of motivation, drop in productivity, lower efficiency and absenteeism.
  • What is the difference between Team Coaching - Group Coaching and Workshops ?
    Team Coaching It is for people from the same team, working within the same organization. A team coaching process invites teams to : align around a common purpose, establish an inspiring vision, create healthy relationships with clearly defined roles, increase teamwork skills foster responsibility through accountable behaviors and outcomes, and engaged in constructive decisions in line with team and organizational goals Group Coaching It is for multiple individuals coming from different backgrounds and places but with a common interest. A group coaching process invites individuals to : build deeper relationships and connections through a common experience connect and create strong bonds with new people based on mutual respect, trust and support from other members of the group explore new perspectives and gain insights on own problems through group's rich discussions inspire creative thinking by being curious, developing compassion and cultivating courage for self and others improve interpersonal support skills: listening, coaching, questioning, and giving feedback develop emotional intelligence Workshops The purpose of a workshop is to create a space in which like-minded professionals can meet to discuss questions, brainstorm ideas, identify problems, make decisions and develop solutions. It is held in multiple modules and requires the participants to attend the different modules with the same group. A workshop process invites individuals and organizations to : gain new ways of thinking develop new strengths learn from new exercices, train, try, fail, start over again and grow your skills inspire to work better having fun while learning
  • What if I can't attend a 1:1 session ?
    Missed appointment: You need to reschedule a coaching session ? All appointments scheduled must be canceled or rescheduled within a 24-hours notice. Sessions not canceled 24-hours in advance will not be eligible for make-ups. I want to invite you to think about how you want to prioritize your investment in this work to receive the full benefit of your coaching package. Refunds : For coaching services, I do not grant refunds, our contract is binding. I'm here to help you reach your highest level of success through coaching, and a necessary part of that is getting your commitment to dedicate all of your resources and efforts to your coaching. Refunds unconsciously let your mind believe that you can be half way in the work while also being half way out of the door. Let’s get rid of that trigger already! Please refer to the Terms of Use for each specific offer or to the Terms of Use of this Website.
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