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Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Grow Your Leadership Culture

Empower yourself and your team to develop impactful leadership behaviors

Meet Izzy

Certified Leadership Development Coach

I guide remarkable leaders and their teams to apprehend the power of their leadership with determination.

I coach people who are curious to explore their creativity, and fiercely committed in operating changes, to create a long-lasting culture of impactful leadership.


How I can support your leadership

Casual Meeting
Support Group
Staff Meeting

⇨ You wish to explore a subject with peers who share the same curiosity.

Through a meaningful and interactive fashion, you will discover new skills and experience the power of combined energy and collective wisdom helping you understand your own patterns.

We are all leaders. We don't need to be in a leadership position to show leadership behaviors.

"Working with Isabelle was wonderful. She rapidly understood my goals and what I needed to boost my confidence and enhance my leadership skills as a new manager. I have found unsuspected tools within myself. I feel aligned and eager for what is ahead of me. Thank you Izzy."

- Wyatt

"I came across Isabelle through a recommendation. I had difficulties establishing trust with my team and I needed to regain confidence. Through her coaching, I realize how terrified I was of the unknown. I realized the impact that it had on me and potentially, on my team. I discovered the power of slowing down and facing my true self. It was deep and essential. As a result, I really feel that I connect on a much better level with my team, thanks to our work together. I can only recommend her."

- Stephen

Isabelle’s group coaching : sharing, listening, softness, wealth, self-discovery, empathy, emotions, moving forward. Here’s what the group coaching with Isabelle brought me during these 9 months of training. An indispensable experience that helped me enormously to embark on this new career path. Thank you for your support.

- Cindy

Group coaching allowed me to address personal development concepts that I did not know and have since served me regularly in my daily life. I find that it is a very good complement to the work done in person. During the sessions, we are sometimes shaken and challenged. Coaching brings a different lighting and allows us to approach our relationship with others and ourselves with integrity and purpose.

- Amelie

My team was lucky to have a workshop on Leadership with Izzy.

I've never had so much fun on a workshop ! We started by defining together what leadership meant for us. It was so interesting to understand the different interpretations we all had. The team connected on a different way. Realizing that we can all be leaders in a different role, reinforced our collaboration. I had never seen my role like this before and it really empowered me.

Izzy is very perceptive, she reframes what is said with such insightful words. Thank you !

- M

How it works
in 6 steps

Start investing in yourself today and get in touch now.

1. Inquiry

Book a free call through Calendly and tell me more about yourself, your situation and your biggest dreams.

2. Connect

I will take the time to know more about you and your desired goals. This is where we determine if we are the perfect fit for working together.

3. Proposal

We'll discuss about packages and determine a tailored options to your unique needs.

4. First Session

You will determine fierce achievable and measurable goals. We will walk side by side on your the path to success during the upcoming sessions.   

5. Final Session

We will review progress and successes, discuss about what is ahead, your plan for progress to last and how we follow-up.

6. Thrive

Strong from your newly gained perspectives and first successes, you keep the momentum!

You fly solo and you thrive !

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